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Point Holmes Gull

Well, it may be elementary to Sherlock Holmes, but the identification of this Point Holmes gull has me baffled. This bird was photographed on the afternoon of 29 December 2016 at Point Holmes, Comox, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. My initial … Continue reading

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I’ll have a Bluetail Christmas

 Story (Skip this section for tips that may aid in relocating the bluetail) The Christmas Bird Count has done it again. It has turned up an amazing rarity in an otherwise unproductive stretch of habitat that might not have been … Continue reading

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Towers of Pain

OK, it’s not an exact translation, but “Towers of Pain” is perhaps a more fitting moniker than the actual name: Torres del Paine.  Torres del Paine, Chile’s most visited national park, is accessed from the touristy, yet quaint, town of Puerto … Continue reading

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Darth Vagrant

Is it just me (or the marketing departments of Disney/Lucasfilm) or does the shape of a Redwing head when seen head-on look remarkably like Darth Vader’s mask?   Here’s the full photo. If this bird has been lured to the … Continue reading

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Seeing Redwing

*This entry has 2 parts. Part 1 has the background story, Part 2 has directions and photos. You can skip Part 1 if you’re in a hurry or just don’t care.* Part 1 In March 2014 I received devastating news. It … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada

The word Canada is evocative.  It calls forth impressions of grandeur; tall, jagged mountain peaks, swaying grasslands, fathomless oceans, expansive snowscapes, and frigid glacial lakes. These impressive landscapes are home to some of the most charismatic and tenacious creatures ever … Continue reading

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The Charm of Birds

Recently there has been a video making its way around the birding listserves. In it, a clip from the movie Downfall (German: Der Untergang) is shown wherein Hitler blasts into a tirade over news he’s lost the war. However, in … Continue reading

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Citrine Wagtail Alternate Location

Hello birders, Since mid-November a Citrine Wagtail has been reliably located in Courtenay, BC. For the most part it has been predictably located along the same stretch of road that it was originally located. Directions to that location, and a … Continue reading

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F.O.Y.  As far as acronyms go, this one doesn’t mean much to the vast majority of people. But to birders, it can represent a treasured landmark. First Of the Year. Many birders keep many different lists, but a perennial favourite … Continue reading

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A Whooping Success

I suppose 3 months is long enough to leave everybody in suspense, so here is the rest of the crane story… Two days after arriving in Saskatchewan I was beginning to vibrate with nail-biting anxiety. I had come all this … Continue reading

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